what date is it? PHP style

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I am making a little PHP timetable for myself but the rooms change
every week, so I'm storing the dates of each week number (they're
numbered 1 - 52).  If there is any way of getting the sytem to count
the weeks for me so I don't have to enter the dates of each week that
would be greatly appreciated.  The main thing I need is to be able to
get the php script to recognise which week it is in and display the
appropriate rooms - but I have never worked with dates at such a level
and so I'm not sure how to that.  I will also allow the user to select
which week to look at (after displaying the current week) via a drop
down box (that ONLY displays weeks that have not passed) - so any tips
on that would be greatly appreciated too.

Thanks in advance, James.

Re: what date is it? PHP style

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Now when I have a question like "Can I get php to tell me what week it
is?", my first thought is to look at the manual. My thought process
would have me search the manual for "week number" and then, seeing as
his has to do with dates, I would search the manual to see whether
there are any suitable date functions.

My advice is to try this yourself in future. You will learn a lot more
if you use the manuals, than just by asking someone else for the
answers all the time.


Re: what date is it? PHP style


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Check the parameters of strftime() or date().

Also note that some years have 53 weeks.


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