Weird problem with download

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I am experiencing a weird problem with a popular PHP web application  

The thing uses a custom function to allow you to download/open a file.  
That function just send a series of header fields (depending on the file  
extension), then outputs the file to the client browser. The result that  
all poeple seems to get is that the file opens in the proper application  
(i.e. .doc files in the wordprocessor, .ppt in powerpoint etc).

When I try to open a file I also get the proper application to open.  
However, it is unable to read the file.
It I chose to download the file and look with an hex editor, I find that  
two bytes (0D 0A)are added at the beginning of the file, then all the  
file content is shifted by two bytes, and the last two bytes are missing  
(so that the size remains the same as the original file).

If I make a copy the file output on the server while it is sent to the  
client, the one copied on the server is correct, while the one arriving  
to the clent is broken as described. So the bug is somewhere after the  
content is sent ...
I suspect one of the headers, but since I seem to be the only one with  
this problem it could be some PHP setting. What can cause such a behaviour?
I am using php 4.3.10 under xp and os/2


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