Weird Probelms With copy()

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Hi all,

The following script is giving me weird problems.  I have in this
directory an index.php and hurricane.php.

If the script gets $i = 'on' it is supposed to back up the current
index into a file called normal.php and then copy hurricane.php into
index.php.  This should create a backup of the index and then put the
hurrican alert in place.

When the script gets $i = 'off' it should replace the index with the
contents of normail.php.

What is happening is that at the end of running with $i = 'on' both
index.php and normal.php have the contents of hurricane.php.

Can anyone see why?  copy() is returning a 1 every time.

if ($_GET['i'] == 'on') {
    $result = copy('index.php', 'normal.php');
    if ($result == 1) {
        $result .=  copy('hurricane.php', 'index.php');
    } else {
        $result = 'File Copy Failed!';
} else if ($_GET['i'] == 'off') {
    $result = copy('normal.php', 'index.php');  



Re: Weird Probelms With copy()

jerrygarciuh wrote:
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You do realize that after 2 pageviews all three files will contain the  
content of the chosen condition?

I'd think this is an unusually complicated manner to get the desired result.

why not create an index.php, consisting only of:
if(!isset($_GET['i']) || $_GET['i']=='off'){
} else {

Possibly getting your value for hurricane on/off from a database, an  
ini-file, etc...

Rik Wasmus

Re: Weird Probelms With copy()

Hi Rik,

Thanks for the reply!  My problem is that the index file of the site
must be backed up and then replaced by a non-technical person with only
browser access to the site.  What I could do is have my script write to
a text file a 1 or 0 and use an index like you describe but rather than
it depending on a query string it could look at my text file.

Thanks for the thoughts!


Rik wrote:
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