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Are you a Blogger? Are you a moderator/owner of yahoo or google

Are you a online sales and marketing personality?

Do you have connection with lots of yahoo and google groups and huge
network of friends and users?

Do you own a non-profit or for-profit business.?

Are you a Educational organization like a school, college, university?

Are you a service provider like hospitals, restaurants, hotels

Are you a publishing or media company?

Are you a professional like doctor, lawyer, consultant, Charted
Accountant or a Politian?

Do you already own a website but want to revolutionize its design and
functionality or want to move from a simple html web-page to CMS?

If your answer to any of the question above is YES- We have a solution
for you.

Swarnim Incorporation has started a almost free website service for
all of above across the world. This service can also be availed by
anyone, anywhere in the world to show your web-presence and collect
all your details, articles, network at one point. Your Own Personal

There are very very nominal charges for the website almost just at the
cost of a candy.

The normal website cost that any user will have to pay will be 25 USD
which will include

1. 5 Pages- About Us, Our Services, Other Three can be selected by the

2. Contact us form

3. Blog & Forum ( Settings of Blog & Forum will cost additional 3 USD)

4. Free Seo for the intial website with keywords and metatags
integration and search engine submission.

5. Yahoo or google group join/subsciption box for your groups.

We also offer high end tailor made solutions and websites with great
functionality and user-site interaction which can be availed by any
one the prices starts from 100 dollors and above.

This system is much much cheaper and better than other free website
services- How?

1. Your own total control on the site- you will be the administrator
of the site and not user.

2. You will be able to get your own domain name and your own personal
email id's on your own domain.

3. You can post your own google ads and earn revenue from your own
site with its huge traffic.

4. If you want to change the hosting provider you will be able to do
so anytime without any problem.

5. You can anytime create or delete any email id that you want to use
or do not want to use.

6. If you have large yahoo or google group base- you can earn lot of
revenue from your groups while sharing your content with your group

Each Additional Page for the site will cost 3 USD- The content for the
additional Pages will also have to be provided by the organization.

The Content of each page will have to be provided by the organization
and no-content writing service will be given to the organization in
this cost.

Additional Features can also be added to the sites based on the user
choice and budget

The sites created by us can also be used as personal individual
websites & blogs by people.

For more details you can contact Nitin on nitin@nitinnaresh.com. The
payments can be made via paypal or moneybookers or bank transfer

Nitin Naresh (91-8800302311)


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lol, these guys must be real beginners:
Nitinnaresh.com is ranked #2597425 world wide and is hosted on a server in
United States.

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