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I have been doing quite some php using UltraEdit and Eclipse. Now i
recently done another Smalltalk project i realize how i miss the
searching capabilities of a good IDE: definitions of- and references to
functions by name (called senders and implementors in Smalltalk),
preferably combined with wildcards and 'search for function name where
the cursor is in'. These are all available for Java in Eclipse, but not
for PHP.

Now i already have built all these seaching capabilities in the form of
our Hypercode Browsers, but once i have found what i searched for i
would like to press an 'Edit' button to jump to a descent code editor. I
could easily add a standard TextArea in the browser to get a simple Web
Based IDE, but i would rather have a good color coding editor. I could
adapt one of those fancy rich text editor components we use for our CMS,
but that would require a color coding algorithm, preferably in
JavaScript, and probably more JavaScript knowledge then i like to learn.

So this is my question: anybody ever heard of a dynamic html component
for web based code editing, that supports color coding? Or maybe a
complete web based IDE? Or maybe a way to make UltraEdit or Eclipse open
a specific file from JavaScript (or remotely from php)?

Thanks in advance,

Henk Verhoeven,

To try out the Hypercode Browsers on the phpPeanuts class library, see
http://www.phppeanuts.org/site/index_php/Menu/121/Code.html (click in
the menu on 'classes', 'hierarchy'or 'methods')

Re: Web based IDE?

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Meaby a combination of http://jpspan.sourceforge.net/wiki/doku.php and
http://qbnz.com/highlighter / can help you.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Tim Van Wassenhove <http://www.timvw.info

Re: Web based IDE?

Tim Van Wassenhove wrote:
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Hi Tim,

GeSHi code higlighting looks promising for server side code
highlighting. But i do not think i will spend much time on  having the
server do syntax highligting 'as you type', even on a LAN that will
probably be too slow. I still think a code editing component that runs
in a browser should do syntax highlighting client side, but to modify a
WYSIWYG html edditing component (we use HtmlArea,
http://www.htmlarea.com / ) into a code editor does not seem a simple
task. Anyway, GeSHi will probably be a good start.


Henk Verhoeven,

Re: Web based IDE?

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HtmlArea requires IExx. IExx browsers have built in WYSIWYG HTML
editing (caveat, caveat...). According to htmlarea's page, other
browsers will see a 'normal' textarea. Hmm... yawn...

Sure am glad I don't like syntax highlighting. Think it's better
to reeeeeeead that code.

Re: Web based IDE?

Razzbar wrote:
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Hi Razzbar,

I was a bit surprised about the above, we recently switched from our
homegrown IE specific component scripting to HtmlArea because  its
working in Mozilla too. But now i took a closer look i see what you
mean: "The htmlArea community is currently developing and experimenting
with the Mozilla-compatible htmlArea 3 as a beta release". It seems we
are using a beta ;-) .

As you see, i am not the Dynamic Html expert. The point is, i do not
intend to become one either, i rather reuse someone others work and
integrate it into our server side php components*. I believe the
combination of browser based components like HtmlArea and WebFX Xtree
(http://webfx.eae.net/dhtml/xtree /) with server side components can give
remarkable results and given it's mindshare amongst web developers php
should be a frontrunner in this that makes dot-net look clumsy and
outdated. But this is not something we (MetaClass) can do on our own.

Greetings, thanks for bringing the beta status of HtmlArea 3 to my

Henk Verhoeven,

* PhpPeanuts has effictively two component models. One kind of
components is called peanuts and are used for modeling applications
business domains, the other are called Parts, and are used to compose
web pages the same way as GUI's in an IDE are (if only we had an
IDE...). Dot-net does something like this too, but phpPeanuts components
are open source, 100% scripting/markup language, cross browser and can
be subclassed to override functions as you please. The currently
available components are somewhat primitive so we would like to
encourage anyone capable to build and publish addtional components. See
http://www.phppeanuts.org/site/index_php/Pagina/26/principle.html for
the principle of web page composition from components and skins.

Re: Web based IDE?

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   The best web based editor, I know is cuneAform
<http://oneclick.mozdev.org/sidebar/cune/cuneAform.htm . Other cross
browser editor is FCKeditor <http://www.fckeditor.net/

   None of the above editors provide syntax highlighting; but many
such works are available like
<http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/tutorials/jsexamples/syntax/ & the one
available with PHP's extended CHM project has PHP source code
highlighter (JS).

   If you're going to do it from scratch, you may consider XUL with
JS, as even Microsoft is promoting Firefox

  <?php echo 'Just another PHP saint'; ?>
Email: rrjanbiah-at-Y!com

Re: Web based IDE?

Hi R,

This looks like some serious homework for me :-)))

I have looked i little into PHP's extended CHM project, but i can not
reverse engineer CHM and i can find very little about how the CHM is
created. My guess would have been that the syntax highlighting is
produced the same way as in the html docs, which is effectively server
side. But if you say the chm does color coding through a javascript i
believe you. I just can not get my hands on that script. So i guess my
best option is to look into some of those editors you mention, and
eventually combine it with some a color coding script.

XUL is interesting in itself, but the experience of the GUI api i was
building a framework against going down the drain is not something i
wish to repeat. HTML + JS has proven to be a basis on which i can slowly
migrate my code to newer versions. That is a lot more comfortable then
rebuilding from scratch.

But if you really want me to develop for XUL, where can my customers
download a XUL plugin for IE6 on windows XP? If anything could beat
Longhorn it will have to fight it on its own ground!

Thanks a lot, greetings,

Henk Verhoeven,

R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah wrote:
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Re: Web based IDE?

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    PHP's extended CHM manual project is now dead; I don't know how
they did colorize in their final version. But, IIRC, in their project
page, they've given a JS colorize code to test and send feedback. I've
downloaded that; if you want that, please email me (email address at
my sig-block).

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    XUL is not that much difficult. XUL IDEs are on development.

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    I don't think, XUL will die soon as even MS itself is now
promoting FF as the "best browser". I don't aware of any IE plugins,
but it wouldn't be a big problem as FF's source code is available
especially Windows port.

  <?php echo 'Just another PHP saint'; ?>
Email: rrjanbiah-at-Y!com

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