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I want to open particular file like pdf or winzip,
on website with pdf and winzip has to be uploaded or  installed on web
server and
not have to installed on user's computer.
Also my 2nd question is my web host don't have particular software
installed on the web server like winzip or pdf or image editor.
How can i place particular software say winzip and acrobat reader in
web server and take use of that to open winzip files and pdf files
through it without without installed that in user's computer or say my
Is php will help me in this matter?
If you can't give me brief explanation, please give me some hints about
Because I am developing my own site and I want to use this task.

Re: Want help

sam wrote:
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We use 7za for zipping up files off the web-server (eg packaging up
downloads) - it will unzip too I presume. From PHP we run a exec()
command to which we have passed the (clean) filenames and a bunch of
command switches to generate the zip file which is created in a
temporary directory, then we send the relevant file header before
fpassthru of the file created by 7za.

7za is open source, has a command line interface and works on windows
and linux.

I know PHP has pdf commands built in so you can build pdf's on the fly.
However, I'd be really interested in any recommendations for a command
line pdf writer/rewriter. In particular we want to take a pdf that has
been uploaded and automatically generate a sample of the pdf (eg
showing just a few pages, replacing text, or creating a shrunken access
version). Anyone any ideas (must be windows and linux compatible)?

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