w32api passing string argument

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  I'm using PHP 4.3.3 in CLI on Win XP SP1. I use the _experimental_
w32api. It seems to work quite fine yet I cannot pass a string argument
to any of my dll functions :

1) Load the w32api extension :
if (!dl("php_w32api.dll")) {
 echo "Erreur : Impossible de chager le module php_w32api

2) Register the dll functions into the win32 class
$api = new win32;
$api->registerfunction("int CIALArtPrixClient(string AR_Ref,string
CT_NUM,int C
atTarif,int AG_NO1,int AG_NO2,double &RESULTAT) From cbodbc32.dll");

3) Call the function
$ess->api->CIALArtPrixClient($ar_ref, $ct_num,2,0,0,$a);

The CIALArtPrixClient function is meant to retrieve the price of the
article 'AR_Ref' for the client 'CT_NUM' from a database. AG_NO1 and
AG_NO2 are to be ignored as they are numeric constants (I managed to
pass decimal values to some other functions). The last argument,
RESULTAT, is a reference to a double where to store the result (it also
works fine with another function).

When I try to run this code, the PHP script engine crashes (ending up
with a nice winxp 'send report' msgbox).

Does someone have any idea about how to pass a string as argument to a
dll exported function ?


Mohamed Rambil

Re: w32api passing string argument

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The manual notes that support for these functions is no longer
guaranteed. However, this quick test works OK on 4.3.4:

$api = new win32;
$api->registerfunction("long sndPlaySound (string a, int b) From
$api->sndPlaySound("c:\winnt\media\The Microsoft Sound.wav", 0);

I'd just suggest checking the argument names and types for the DLL
function very carefully as I doubt you will get much help from PHP if
there are any errors.


Re: w32api passing string argument

  In fact the example you give works. Must be a type mismatch between
the PHP value and the DLL one or maybe a type size mismatch.

Anyway, thanks a lot


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