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Vote for or against a new newsgroup proposal.

To summarize what you need to do, just send an empty e-mail to

You will receive a ballot by e-mail.  Follow the instructions and vote.


                     FIRST CALL FOR VOTES (of 2)
             unmoderated group comp.databases.postgresql

Newsgroups line:
comp.databases.postgresql   PGSQL Relational Database Management System.

Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC, 9 Apr 2005.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions about
the proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

RATIONALE: comp.databases.postgresql

To provide a Big-Eight usenet group for users of the PostgreSQL
Relational Database Management System.  Currently there are mailing
lists gated to the public pgsql.* hierarchy.  Issues with mailing
list gateways, and the much larger distribution of the Big-Eight
hierarchy make it extremely desirable to have a PostgreSQL group
in the Big Eight.

CHARTER: comp.databases.postgresql

The newsgroup comp.databases.postgresql is a usenet discussion group
for the PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System.  Topics
of discussion may include:

* General discussions of PostgreSQL.
* Assisting beginners in using the PostgreSQL Relational Database
  Management system.
* Help answer basic questions.

* Discussions pertaining to the administration, compilation
  and installation of PostgreSQL.
* Announcements of new versions of PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL
  related software, and documentation.
* Administration of PostgreSQL interfaces, including JDBC and ODBC.
* Administration and installation of the Contrib packages.
* Using PostgreSQL Point in Time Recovery.
* Startup scripts, or scripts that automate PostgreSQL related tasks.

* Programming using PostgreSQL.
* Developing with PostgreSQL interfaces, including JDBC and ODBC.

* PostgreSQL performance, benchmarking and related topics.
* How to use Replication in PostgreSQL.
* Hardware, Software configurations and recommendations for optimal
  PostgreSQL operation.  Examples are x86-64, NUMA, etc.

* Announcements of patches that fix vulnerabilities.
* PostgreSQL Best practices to design and keep PostgreSQL secure.
* SSH, SSL, and the Crypto Contrib packages.

* Normalization and theory as it applies to PostgreSQL.
* Transactions, Indices, Cursors, Triggers, and Nested Transactions.
* PostgreSQL specific topics such as Objects.



In order to vote on this proposal you will first need to request a
registered ballot.  This is accomplished by sending an email to the
address specified below from the email account that you intend to use
when you submit the ballot for processing.  The Subject: and body of
the message does not matter.  They can both be blank (preferred) if
your software will allow that.

PLEASE, do not send this entire message back to me as this mail is

Just "replying" to this message should work, but check the "To:" line.

When your email message is received, a reply message will be sent to
you with further instructions regarding how to vote.  You will also
receive a copy of the CFV which will contain a ballot that is
registered for use only for this CFV, and only when submitted from the
exact same address that originally requested it.


Standard Guidelines for voting apply.  Only one vote per person, no
more than one vote per account.  Votes must be mailed directly from
the voter to the votetaker.  Anonymous, forwarded, or proxy votes
are not valid.  Votes mailed by WWW/HTML/CGI forms are considered
to be anonymous votes.

Vote counting is automated.  Failure to follow these directions may
mean that your vote does not get counted.  If you do not receive an
acknowledgment of your vote within three days, contact the votetaker
about the problem.  It's your responsibility to make sure your vote
is registered correctly.  Duplicate votes are resolved in favor of
the most recent valid vote.  Names, addresses, and votes of all voters
will be published in the final voting RESULT posting.

DO NOT redistribute this CFV in any manner whatsoever.  The purpose of
a Usenet vote is to determine the genuine interest of persons who would
read a proposed newsgroup.  Soliciting votes from disinterested parties
defeats this purpose.  Only the votetaker, the news.announce.newgroups
moderator, and the proponent (if specifically authorized by the
votetaker) are permitted to distribute copies of this CFV.

Distribution of pre-marked or otherwise modified copies of this CFV is
generally considered voting fraud and should be reported immediately to
is determined to have occurred, it is standard operating procedure to
delete ALL votes submitted by the violator.  When in doubt, ask the


The only official sources for copies of this CFV are the locations
listed below, the UVV web site at /, and the
votetaker's e-mail CFV server which can be reached at

This CFV has been posted to the following newsgroups:


Re: Vote on comp.databases.postgresql

I found a PostgreSQL newsgroup:


but there are almost no postings (aprox. 1 posting per month)

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