Virtual Xml DOMDocument

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I would like to create a class that acts like an Xml document so that I
can pass it through an XSLT transform.  But, there is never any
Document created.

Basically, what I'm trying to do, is a virtual XML layer over a
persistence framework that allows you to access a database with XPath
queries.  I've already done something like this in another project and
language, but, it's too custom to pass into an XSLT transform.
 Also, the database huge.  I only want to read the portions in...
requested by all the XPATH stuff in the XSLT file.

So,  I basically want to do something like.....

class DBDOMDoc extends DOMDocument {
   var $PersistenceObject; // This object is the head of the

   ....  override reading of the nodes, with Persistence Framework
requests (db queries )

$xml = new DBDOMDoc;
$xml->PersistenceObject = $someDBObj;

// Configure the transformer
$proc = new XSLTProcessor;
$proc->importStyleSheet($xsl); // attach the xsl rules

if ( $argc == 4 && $argv[3]=='dom' ){

   echo $proc->transformToDoc($xml)->firstChild->wholeText;
} else {
   echo $proc->transformToXml($xml);

Any help is appreciated....

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