Very Simple Problem in include

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Hi All-
  (complete beginner in PHP, using example code written by Rasmus from  
Cool Toys blog)

  I have copied a script into a working directory (unix), it includes  
another script (verbatum from Rasmus).
  Q. Why is the included script called xxx.phps instead of xxx.php?

  In the original, Rasmus placed his included script in the PHP lib  
directory. I placed it in my working directory instead, changing the  
include path.  
  The included script IS FOUND. But when the included script is called  
in, the first line is a call to apc_fetch(), and PHP complains 'Call to  
undefined function apc_fetch()'. Something is obviously broken.

  I don't know enough basics to spot the construct error. Anyone?

included file - unchanged, but a local copy in my working dir

script under construction
== mapTest.php

<script type="text/javascript" src=" "></script>
<style type="text/css">
#mapContainer {  
height: 600px;  
width: 800px;  
include './simple_rss.phps';

$url = ' ';
$feed = rss_request($url, $timeout=3600);

echo <<<EOB
<p><font size="+2">Name<br />

echo 'feed=';  
echo $feed;

<div id="mapContainer"></div>


Re: Very Simple Problem in include

Hi One Man,
   I guess that "Call to undefined function apc_fetch()" its due to the
following reasson.

APC is a PECL Extension
Rasmus has used in the simple_rss.php

Try Getting the package and install
for more info on apc Extension

and surf thru this site , u will know more info on how to install and

Prince of Code

Re: Very Simple Problem in include

Quoted text here. Click to load it

  aha. My sysadmin will have to authorize this, methinks. Also, are  
there any _other_ extensions I will need ot use this. DOM stuff or  
whatever.  Its all greek to me (so far)

  thanks much

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