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I am planning out an e-commerce site, which I will most likely create
in PHP. I am going to use VeriSign to process the credit cards.

How would I use VeriSign in a PHP script? I've found some examples of
PHP's Payflow Pro functions, but I haven't been able to get them to
work on the server we have. The site will be hosted on a UNIX server.

Re: VeriSign in PHP

On 10 Aug 2004 09:41:17 -0700, (Adam Nims) calmly

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Some processes are handoffs which take care of all the ordering.
Others take only the CC number/info and process it, & give back
a go/nogo status and maybe a confirmation number. It all depends
upon the particular process you choose to go with. +api&x=0&y=0
might help. They appear to have several from which to choose.

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Re: VeriSign in PHP

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 09:41:17 -0700, Adam Nims wrote:

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uGH! No one else but veryslime to choose? =(

They don't deserve connectivity let alone business.



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Re: VeriSign in PHP

Ian.H wrote:

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Ian, criticism is great. But it is even better when you provide an
alternative solution.

Nick Mudge

Re: VeriSign in PHP

Adam Nims wrote:

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Firstly, make sure you know which product you are using. PayFlow Pro or
Link? Then log into the manager, and look for the documentation link.
There should be API docs to use to interface with their server. All the
info you need should be in there. (At least they were about 4 years ago
when I had to use them for something.)

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Re: VeriSign in PHP (it will work)

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We have experience with the phflow pro functions.  They do work
and it was not unusually more difficult than most other gateways are
to get working.  Our environment is RedHat Linux, Apache 1.3.x,
PHP 4.3.x

To debug you've got to be able to see the PHP warnings/errors,
check your php.ini file to see where errors are logged. I'd also
recommend the following in an .htaccess file in your php test
area to turn on ALL browser messages:

php_flag display_errors on
php_flag log_errors on
php_value error_reporting 2047

It can be done and with the above you should get the help
you  need to solve the errors.

Hope this helps!

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Re: VeriSign in PHP


On 08/10/2004 01:41 PM, Adam Nims wrote:
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Justin Koivi has developed this class that you may want to take a look:


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Re: VeriSign in PHP

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If you absolutely *must* use VeriSign then I'd contact tech support and ask
for PHP resources that you could learn from. I'm sure that somewhere on
their site they have that stuff. When I developed an ecomm site in
ColdFusion they were very helpful in pointing me to CF resources to
integrate with VeriSigh (there was even a custom tag that made it very easy.
There might be a module for PHP already written).

I would, for a number of reasons, advise you against using VeriSign. While
they are good at some things, payment processing is definately NOT one of
them. You will have more headaches than anything. The last major ecomm site
I did used VeriSign and we decided to research our options. We found a
company called GoEmerchant that provided a LOT of flexibility and everything
we wanted. You can visit their site to find out more
( /). Right now, in fact, I'm developing a plugin
for OSCommerce to interface iwth GEM. It's a pretty nice gateway.

Just my $0.02,

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