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how can i verify the email address entered by client???

is there any readily available function for that in php or mysql?????

else suggest me some links for verifying email address enetered by

thxs for help in advance.

Re: verify email address

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It has been asked many times before in comp.lang.php use the archives.

But in short, the only way to really verify is to send a challenge to
the address that could be solved by a program. The text hidden in images
solution comes to mind...

Re: verify email address

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 Verify what about it?

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 Without sending an email, you can check it's syntactically correct, and that's
about it. This is Asked Frequently. +verify+email+address +verify+email+address

 If you want to make sure a human is reading it, send an email containing a URL
to a page on your site with a unique identifier, and ask the person to visit
the URL. You'd have saved the ID when sending the email, then later if the URL
is visited, you can mark that email address as "verified".

< Space: disk usage analysis tool

[FAQ] Check validity of email address (Was Re: verify email address)

Q: How can I check the validity of the email address?
  1. Use regular expressions to check the format/syntax of email
  2. Use SMTP's VRFY or EXPN command. Note, many turn off this command
for spam abuse.
  3. Use checkdnsrr() or getmxrr() to see if the domain has MX records;
and then check if the domain exists.
  4. Send a real email to the user, but with an activation URL.

(1) can check only the format and doesn't check if the domain exists or
(3) checks only the domain
(4) is the only (right) approach to see if the user uses is own-valid
email address.

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Re: verify email address


on 04/02/2005 08:09 AM vishal said the following:
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You can use this class that  can be used to validate an e-mail address
as you need:


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