variable scope problem?

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I have a page search.php which uses Top.php and Bottom.php to do most  
webpage stuff common to all pages. Top.php includes/requires  
Top.php can't see Constants/variables like $favoriateColor='234566'; defined  
in KTConstants.php
I tried include instead of require.
I tried using $GLOBALS['KTPTBlue']; perhaps I didn't do it right.
The global keyword gives me an error...expected = or something.


function Top($redorblue)
//if ( $redorblue == 'red')

echo $KTPTBlue;  //Doesn't work
echo $KTPTTopColor;  //Doesn't work

echo '<html><head><title>Search Page</title></head><body>';

echo "<table bgcolor='$KTPTTopColor' width = 800>";
echo '<tr><td>';
echo '<a href=search.php>Find</a>';
echo '<a href=add.php>Add</a>';
echo '</td></tr>';


$KTPTRed = 'FF9999';
$GLOBALS['KTPTBlue'] = '6666FF'; //tried both

The problem is that the above
echo bgcolor='$KTPTTopColor'
always comes out blank on view source.

Even when I insert into top.php.
echo $KTPTBlue;  nothing happens.
Although it works when I echo it in KTConstants.php.

Thanks in advance,

Re: variable scope problem?

J said the following on 19/01/2006 21:58:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

See Example 12-2 at . Note where  
the "global" keyword is used.


Re: variable scope problem?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Or use the $GLOBAL["global"] thing in your function rather than the
contants file.

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