variable scope problem

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Hi, all,
foreach($array as $k => $v) {
     $foo = ...;
echo $foo;

Is it allowed to access the $foo variable that is created within the
loop from outside of the loop? I think it isn't allowed, because
according to the rule stated in PHP manual( /
en/language.variables.scope.php): The scope of a variable is the
context within which it is defined, the $foo variable is defined
inside the loop, so its scope should limit within that loop. But the
test result of such script shows that I can access the $foo variable
from outside of the loop correctly. WHY? I'm a PHP newbie, Could
somebody help me out? Thanks in advance.

Re: variable scope problem

ray wrote:
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There is no lexical scoping in PHP. Did you read any further than the
first sentence of the page? From your example, it's not clear in which
context $foo was defined (global or local scope), although you can't
localize vars to just any block. Vars in a function or class
definition are limited to a local scope, unless you explicitly use the
"global" keyword or $GLOBALS array.


Re: variable scope problem

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Thanks for your reply.
What means lexical scoping? Do you mean that only a function can
establish a local scope?
I did read the whole page of the manual page and it does not
explicitly clarify this issue.

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