Variable scope issue

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I have a function foo () in a file called funcfoo.php called from my main
program file main.php, which has an include for that file.

Foo () contains a line:

echo $bar;

Now I have a (global) variable $bar which is set in main:

GLOBAL  $bar;
$bar = 1;

When I call foo () from main it doesn't echo the value 1. (How) can I make
$bar visible to foo () without explicitly passing it as a parameter ? Is the
only way putting the entire foo function body in the same file as main ?


Re: Variable scope issue

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Try using GLOBAL  $bar; in function foo() before the echo. This is all
explained in

Tony Marston

Re: Variable scope issue

Tony Marston wrote:
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Thanks, that fixed it!

Re: Variable scope issue

Pjotr Wedersteers wrote:
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It has no effect to use the "global" modifier in the global scope.

Variable scope and the use of global is very well explained here:


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