variable E_All error reporting

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I have several development boxes running ubuntu.....jaunty something-
For development boxes I have php.ini set to show all errors:
error_reporting  =  E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
display_errors = On

(I don't use those settings on production boxes).
Today I  whiped one of those development boxes clean and installed
OpenSUSE linux unstead of Ubuntu.

I like the Debian style apache2 layout on Ubuntu much better, with
its sites_available and mods_available,  enabled directories.
OpenSuse distribution has an older etc  apache configuration  layout
organization I don't like as much.
But that's not my point.

So now I have apache2 with php5/mysql  on two different boxes (Ubuntu
and OpenSUSE)
with the same php.ini file.   And the OpenSUSE box is reporting more
warning messages
than the Ubuntu boxes (warning:  "session already started by another
file"   plus a few others...).
....also,  at least as far as I know,  both boxes, both distributions
have  the same apache modules loaded.

I'm not sure how important this is.  None of the "new" warnings I saw
on OpenSUSE (that I don't see
on Ubuntu) were serious. But it is  the first time I've noticed
different distributions--with identical config files--producing
different runtime results.  If you want to publish code, I don't think
you want your code
to write runtime warnings even to a log file.  So it seems some
distributions are tighter than others.

What is the best distribution and config setup to develop on?

Re: variable E_All error reporting


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This ignores notices, which is bad on a dev machine. The correct setting
for reporting all errors is

error_reporting = E_ALL

or even

error_reporting = E_ALL | E_STRICT

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Did you make sure that the config files are really identical and that
PHP always uses the correct ini files? With the same script and the same
ini file you should get the same output.

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The best distribution is the one that you like and that you're familiar
with (I prefer Debian for example). A part of the required setup on a
dev machine was given above.


Re: variable E_All error reporting

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It might be - it rather implies that the Apache configs are different.

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What's the exact version of PHP5 as reported by phpinfo()? Have you
checked the changelog for the differences?

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This error rather suggests that you are calling session_start() from
more than file - typically this occurs when you've got an auto-prepend
php setting somewhere. Is it just this error that is different, or are
there others?

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The same as your production environment. If you have multiple
production environments, then the one which is reporting the most
issues will likely gove you the cleanest code.


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