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I have data that is in this format:  8-8-19-29-1-4-41
I wanted to write a simple function or regular expression that
verified that data is in that format. The numbers should only be 1 or
2 digits. There should be 6 dashes (-) with 7 numbers around the
dashes. Here are examples of bad data:

8-19-29-1-4-41 (Only 6 dashes)
5-1-2-3-4-S-67-4 (Includes a letter)
5-1-2-3-4-222-67-4 (has three digits in one space)

Re: Validating data

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heres one using ereg
$var = '1-2-3-44-55-66-77';
if ( ereg( "^[0-9](-[0-9])$", $var ) )
//ok cos it starts with 1 or 2 characters from range 0-9,
//then has exactly 6 groups of - followed by 1 or 2 digits

Re: Validating data

Anthony Smith wrote:
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Regex is one way to go, depending on the source, fscanf() can be your  
friend too.

Rik Wasmus

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Re: Validating data

On Sat, 28 Apr 2007 17:52:33 +0200, Rik wrote:

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The latter I rarely see in PHP code, but indeed Rik, format strings are a
great partner sometimes. And of course <winks at Steve> especially useful
for people who don't "trust" regex ;-) In this case I think fscanf() is
highly recommendable considering the fixed pattern.

Regex is a great tool in the right hands, in many cases a great trick for
obfuscating what you're doing to donwstream programmers using your code,
and often abused where far easier and less resource intensive string
functions could/should be used. Regex IS relatively costly in cpu cycles,
no doubt about it, but it can, when used correctly, sometimes replace a
pageful of ugly string manipulation code with one single call.

Nonetheless a lot of people avoid learning regex like the plague, because
it looks so complicated. That's a pity. There are plenty books & online
sources for learning regex and a plethora of little regex 'trainer' apps,
some freeware, some at a reasonable fee.

The only thing I still haven't been able to conjure up is a nifty regex
expression that takes the typical erratic female thoughtprocess as input
and churns out the rationale behind it ;-)


Re: Validating data

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That may be more to do with the assumption of "rationale" rather than an
actual inadequacey in the expresion engine @@.
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Re: Validating data

Schraalhans Keukenmeester wrote:

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Regular expressions are one of those examples of sacrificing CPU time in
order to make the code easier to write, easier to read and easier to

This is nearly always a beneficial trade.

Other examples:

    - Comments in source code;
    - Use of constants;
    - SQL databases; and
    - Logically dividing library functions into multiple files.

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