utf8 case folding questions

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According to <http://area51.phpbb.com/docs/coding -
guidelines.html#charsets>, "case insensitive comparison of strings is
no longer possible with strtolower or strtoupper as some characters
have multiple lower case or multiple upper case forms depending on
their position in a word."  The article goes on to say that you should
use case folding to make sure you have a case insensitive version of a

Will PHP6 support case folding?  Does mb_convert_case() support this
functionality?  php.net says that it has three modes - MB_CASE_UPPER,
MB_CASE_LOWER, or MB_CASE_TITLE, however, phpBB's utf8_case_fold_nfc()
implementation does not use any mb_* functions in utf_tools.php.

Also, what if one wanted to do a case insensitive search in SQL?  If
strtoupper doens't work it seems like SQL's UPPER() wouldn't work,
either, although maybe x consecutive UPPER()'s would work?

MySQL has the function STRCMP(), which might work depending on how
MySQL determined what was a binary string and what was a UTF8 encoded
string, but that, I suspect, is not cross database compliant.

Any ideas?

Re: utf8 case folding questions

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Because the mbstring package is optional in PHP and they've obviously
coded to avoid problems when its not installed.

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Yes it should - but this is somewhat off topic here. RTFM for more

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No it won't.

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It should be fairly portable if you cast the types correctly, although
ISR that charset conversions are not covered by SQL92.


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