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At the risk of many coffee splashed monitors .

Can I upload a ttf font called font.ttf in the website folder and use  
that exact font to display certain text on the webspace .

I've had good on and this is closest I got .

void swf_definefont ( int fontid, string fontname )

The swf_definefont() function defines a font given by the fontname  
parameter and gives it the id specified by the fontid parameter. It then  
sets the font given by fontname to the current font.  

So can I or cant I ? .

If so then obviously demo code required .

Re: Using ttf fonts

SOR wrote:

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Yes and No.

Yes: You can use it to render text on pictures (png/jpg/gif/etc) and offer  
that images back to the client.

No: Not in HTML (AFAIK).
In HTML you only suggest a font that the user should use, if it is not  
present at the users machine, another font that (hopefully) resembles the  
one you suggested is used.

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That is shockwave.
If you want to offer content NOT in HTML, you have a lot of extra  
possibilities and can probably do it.

Hope that helps.

Erwin Moller

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Re: Using ttf fonts

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<Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:03:57 +0200>

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Thanks .

Re: Using ttf fonts

Only on IE. Use Microsoft's WEFT tool to create an embedded OpenType
file (.eot) then use a CCS style to link it to a page. Example:

@font-face {
    font-family: sansSanitas;
    font-style:  normal;
    font-weight: normal;
    src: url(../fonts/insane.eot);

You can then reference the font as though it's installed on the user's

em2 Solutions, a company in Sweden, makes an excellent software that
let you display any typeface on any browser (falling back to images if
necessary). See the demo at

Re: Using ttf fonts

<17 Aug 2005 11:16:35 -0700>

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Saved to disk - thanks .

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