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Hi guys,

It's been a long while since I've used PHP so I'm a bit rusty, been a
C# monkey as of late - but on to the problem at hand.

I have the following

<? php

#Convert the String Into XML
$xml = new SimpleXMLElement($_POST['name']);

#Itterate through the XML for the data
foreach($xml->vote as $vote)
    $foo .= $vote->teamID;


And that does work it gets me all the values

But what I want to do is have something like

$query = "INSERT INTO table VALUES(";
foreach($xml->vote as $vote)
   $query .= $vote->teamID;
   $query .= ",";

$query = substr($query , 0 , -1);
$query .= ");";


But for some reason this just doesn't work; obviously I'm assuming
it's a syntax issue and I'm just an idiot; but some help would be

Re: Using SimpleXML Element

... anyonoe?

Re: Using SimpleXML Element schreef:
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try to print $query to your screen (or logfile) and try to put it
directly in the mysql-client, and check for errors you might get.

produce output of " echo $query ", and the error, than some-one might
help you...


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