Using PHP to create folders on web space and upload files?

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Hi there,

I use a web-based database which has online forms that users can use to  
submit data directly into the database.  Each user, when logged into  
this database, can submit multiple application forms (usually anywhere  
between 1 and 10 submissions).

The only problem is that there is no way for them to upload files with  
each of these application forms (as the forms are not that customisable  
and the functionality simply isn't there), but I require them to upload  
around 7 documents with each form (2 PDF's and 5 JPG images), so I'm  
currently looking for workaround to this issue.

The only thing I can do within this fairly rigid form is to create a  
hyperlink to my own linux web hosting space, which could contain some  
sort of form (via a popup browser window) that would allow the user to  
upload these files.

I have around 300 users, and each of their uploaded files should remain  
confidential.  Therefore, it would be ideal if this form could not only  
upload files to my web space, but also create a folder which is named  
with their own unique Customer ID (i.e. CUST1234) - then within each  
folder, create a sub-folder which is named with each individual  
application ID (i.e. APP1234).

Is this something that can be done with PHP?  Or should I be looking at  
Perl scripts or similar?

I can use the JavaScript on the 'rigid form' to create a dynamic URL  
that contains their Customer ID and Application ID (i.e.

But I'm not sure how I could go about doing this and what  
authentication would be required to enable the script to create folders  
and upload files into them on my web space?  The ability to be able to  
view what has already been uploaded into each folder would also be very  
useful, as would the intelligence of the script to check if the folder  
is create, then if not, create it; or if it is there, simply upload the  
files into it.

I don't even know where to start searching for existing scrips that can  
do this so help and advice would be appreciated.



Re: Using PHP to create folders on web space and upload files?

Ste wrote:
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I don't understand why you couldn't modify the forms.  It's relatively  
simple to put file input elements in an HTML page, and not hard at all  
to handle the uploads when they submit the page.  Just takes a little  

Or, if it is that hard, maybe you're using the wrong product.  It  
doesn't do what you want, after all.

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You could do it.  But that's going to be an entirely different set of  

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That makes it even rougher.  You can't have them in the server's  
document root (or subdirectory) as anyone will be able to download them,  
just by guessing the name.  You could use HTTP authentication to  
restrict access to a directory, but for 300 users that will be a  
management problem.

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It can be done in PHP, Perl, VBScript or any other language.

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Not at all secure.

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You'll need some authentication. Perhaps the easiest would be to keep  
the files somewhere below the document root and have a PHP file deliver  
the contents (after authentication, of course).

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I wouldn't even search for a script.  I'd just write it.  It would take  
less time than finding and adapting someone else's script.  It's not all  
that much work.

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