Using PHP Tags in eval()

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Hi there,

I have a textarea where you can write PHP & HTML (or technically
anything else). You can preview your Code in the browser by submitting
the form and what I wanna do is eval() the code (and thereby display)
it. Now eval doesn't seem to accept PHP-Tags (<?PHP ?>) in it the
given string. I've read many posts that suggest calling eval like

eval(' ?>'.$_POST['markup']);

But that my have worked once but it doesn't work anymore. I get a
Syntax error for the lines where there's a PHP-Tag.

Is there a way to still eval Strings that contain PHP-Tags?

Thank you,

Re: Using PHP Tags in eval()

In article

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Where are you doing the eval?


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Re: Using PHP Tags in eval()

What do you mean by "where"? Not inside another function if that's what you're

Re: Using PHP Tags in eval()

El 22/10/2011 18:15, Luke23ae escribió/wrote:
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Works for me:


    $_POST['markup'] = 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet' . PHP_EOL;

    // First time
    eval(' ?>'.$_POST['markup']);

    // Second time
    eval(' ?>'.$_POST['markup']);

... prints this:

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

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Re: Using PHP Tags in eval()

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You are aware that you are giving an awful lot of control over your
server away to the first hacker that comes around? I would never do that
on a live server and not even in a private network.

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