Using iFrames Results in Access Denied for my mySQL script

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This really surprised me. I setup an iFrame in my document to display
data from another table. For me, this was a way to be able to update
that data without having to reload the whole page. Also, the iFrame
gives me the ablity to have a scrolling table of results that doesn't
fill up the whole screen when a lot of data is present.

when I read in the main page, the src of the iframe is set to a URL
like (the same server that the
parent page is on)

in that source file is a call to my mysql server to retrieve the data

But I keep getting an "access denied" error message

If I put the code in the main page, it works fine, but if I try to
load it into an iFrame I get the access denied message from mysql.

I understand that security has been tightned on iFrames, but being
that this is on the same server as the parent page, I can't see why
this is happening, or how to work arouund it.

Is there something else I can use besides an iFrame to reload only a
portion of a page, and also have that portion in a fixed size view
that will enable scroll bars if the content is larger than the desired

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