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I have been trying to use HTML_Table from PEAR to write a PHP script
that will access a database and retrieve my data into an HTML table
that can be sorted by column. Currently I am using the script below,
which does not include sorting (I want the basic table to work first)
but all I get is the column headers and no data in the column can
anyone tell me how to fix this problem and have the script access my
database to display the table info in an HTML table.

<title>Untitled Document</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
//Include the HTML_Table package
require_once "HTML/Table.php";
$link = @new mysqli("host", "user", "password", "database");
if (!$link) {
echo mysqli_connect_errno();
} else {
$msg = "Connection was a success!!";
$table = new HTML_Table();
//Set the Headers
$table->setHeaderContents(0, 0, "Last Name");
$table->setHeaderContents(0, 1, "First Name");
$table->setHeaderContents(0, 2, "E-mail Address");
$table->setHeaderContents(0, 3, "Advisor");
$table->setHeaderContents(0, 4, "Graduation Year");
$table->setHeaderContents(0, 5, "Highest Degree");
$table->setHeaderContents(0, 6, "Attending");
//Cycle through the array to produce the table data
//Create and Execute the Query
$query = "SELECT lastname as 'Last Name', firstname as 'First Name',
email as 'E-Mail Address',
        advisor as 'Advisor', year as 'Graduation Year', degree as 'Highest
Degree', attend as 'Attending' FROM rsvp
        ORDER BY lastname";
$result = $mysqli->query($query);
while($obj = $result->fetch_object()){
    $table->setCellContents($rownum, 0, $obj->lastname);
    $table->setCellContents($rownum, 1, $obj->firstname);
    $table->setCellContents($rownum, 2, $obj->email);
    $table->setCellContents($rownum, 3, $obj->advisor);
    $table->setCellContents($rownum, 4, $obj->year);
    $table->setCellContents($rownum, 5, $obj->degree);
    $table->setCellContents($rownum, 6, $obj->attend);
//Alternate row styling
$table->altRowAttributes(1, null, array("class"=>"alt"));
//output the data
echo $table->toHTML();
//Close the connection


Re: Using HTML_Table wrote:
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I use something like this...

//retrieve results from database
   $result = $mysqli->query($query);

//Start building the table
   $table =  "<table border=1 >\n <TR>\n";
         $result_array = array_keys($results);

//Lets display the column headers first
      foreach($result_array as $myresult)
          $data = $myresult;
          $table .= "  <TD>$data</TD>";
      $table .=" </TR>";
      echo $table . "\n";

//Now - populate the table data
      $table = "<TR> \n";
      foreach($results as $myresult)

          $data = chop($myresult[$i]);
          if (!isset($data)){$data = "<center>-</center>";}
          $table .= "  <TD>$data</TD>";
      $table .=" </TR>";

// All Done - send results to the browser.
      echo $table . "\n";
         echo "</table>";

Re: Using HTML_Table

Now I am getting this following error:
Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object in
/opt/lampp/htdocs/phptrials/html_table_output.php on line 37

My line 37 is $result = $mysqli->query($query); which is part of this
next statement.

$query = "SELECT lastname as `Last Name`, firstname as `First Name`,
email as `E-Mail Address`,
        advisor as `Advisor`, year as `Graduation Year`, degree as `Highest
Degree`, attend as `Attending` FROM rsvp
        ORDER BY lastname";

$result = $mysqli->query($query);

I am sorry for all this I am new to PHP and I am just having syntax

Thanks again

Re: Using HTML_Table wrote:
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// start from here
Quoted text here. Click to load it


$header = array("Last name", "First name", "email", "Advisor",
        "Graduation year", "Highest degree", "Attending");
$table->addRow($header, null, 'TH');

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   You are doing a lot of unecessary stuff here.

// You need this specific order
$query = 'SELECT lastname,firstname,email,advisor,year,degree,attend  
from rsvp ORDER BY lastname";

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   Sorry, but should have a look at HTML_Table specs again... I would  
suggest something like this:

while ($row = $mysqli->mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_NUM) {

   Basically, one of the good things about HTML_Table is that you no  
longer need to think of tables as cells, instead you can think of it as  
rows, columns, cells, and all sorts of things inbetween.  Setting one  
cell at a time defeats the concept.  The only thing that you need to pay  
attention to is that you select the required fields in the correct order  
for use with "addRow".

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