Using Count on 'Joined' tables

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Hi there

I have two tables, pages and sections, of which pages are a subset of
sections. I'm listing out the sections in a list and want to include a
COUNT of how many pages each section has within it.

Pages contain a 'sectionid' field to join it to the 'id' in the seciton
table but im unsure how to join, and group  to get a count of the
number of pages in each section (i.e. in each result row)

If anyone can point me in the right direction, id be eternally greatful

Re: Using Count on 'Joined' tables

danny_m wrote:

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not sure if this is what you need exactly, but if your running two
separate mysql queries on the same page just:

$totalrows = mysql_num_rows($query1)+mysql_num_rows($query2);


Re: Using Count on 'Joined' tables

flamer wrote:
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the syntax will be along the lines of:

select s.section, sum( from sections s
left join pages on p.section_id = l.section_id
group by section_id

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