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I am building a page that allows people to send in text and/or html files
and have them analyzed for several statistics by a serverside PHP script.

I'd like the files to be sent zipped or rar'd or whatever flavour is
opensource, free and available. How can I -other than by asking them to zip
their files- ensure the files they send are compressed before they're
actually sent ? I guess this must be done in JS ? Can the PHP script
auto-decompress the files and process the contents ?
And when I send their analysis back as HTML, is it possible to have that
sent in a zipped way and auto-decompressed in the viewer's browser ? I don't
really understand the Apache zip option in the configuration.

Help much appreciated.

Re: User file uploads

Pjotr Wedersteers wrote:
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You absolutely cannot do that.

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Unlikely as javascript has no file manipulation features built in.
Javascript is also not capable of 'ensuring' anything as client-side
scripting may be disabled/unavailable, subverted or by-passed. Anything
arriving at a server in an HTTP request should be regarded as unknown
and suspect.

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A question better asked in a PHP group, but the answer is probably yes.

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Doesn't HTTP 1.1 include provision for doing exactly that automatically?

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RTFM, then ask an apache/http server group.


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