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New to PHP.

Have searched for answer without finding anything that seems to address
it, save perhaps for situations where the script writes HTML markup
before the header is called.

When would it be preferable/required to chain scripts one to the next
rather than use includes? (The question could be reversed, also.)


[php] // script1.php
     header("location: script2.php");

[php] // script2.php
     header("location: script3.php");

[php] // script3.php


     // scriptname: script1.php
     include 'script2.php';
     include 'script3.php';

Bill B

Re: Use of Includes

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These do completely different things, so the question cannot really be

The includes cause all the scripts to be executed and then output is
sent (usually to a browser). Any global variables that are present in
script1 will have the same values in scripts 2 and 3.

The redirection using headers is supposed to be with the full url
header("location: ");
header("location: ");

Script 2 knows nothing about script 1 likewise script 3. Indeed as in
my example, they could be on different servers.

You are comparing apples and pears.

Re: Use of Includes

On 12/7/2010 9:55 AM, Bill Braun wrote:
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I'm not sure I fully understand your question, but I'll try.  First,
though, php is server side and provides html code that is presented to
the browser.  So, whether you write all the code in one file, or use
includes/requires thus breaking it into two or more files, makes no
difference as far as the browser is concerned.  It sees the same thing,
the whole page, either way.

I would chain scripts if there is a logical division of the actions.
For example, suppose it is a networking kind of thing and one page would
be user information for registration.  This would then shift to another
page for upload of pictures after successful registration.  Those are
two separate actions which are related to each other and putting them on
the same page would be cluttering.  (This was a poor example because I
would just have a button with a link to a page to upload pictures after
registering and winding up on a landing page -- but it illustrates my

I hope I understood your question correctly enough to be of some help.


Re: Use of Includes

On 12/11/2010 7:42 AM, sheldonlg wrote:
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Here is a better example.  There was an application questionnaire that
had the user's basic information and then ten separate areas of
question.  Each of the ten areas data was held in a separate database
table which was linked to the user in the table of users.  The first
screen gathered the basic user information (name, address, etc.) and the
submit put the data into the user table along with a page count.  It
then presented the next page which was the next area of the
questionnaire.  Those data were then put into its db table, the page
count was updated, and the landing page was the next area of the
questionnaire -- and so on.  (The page count was so that a user could
stop and return later to where he left off).  This is a good example of


Re: Use of Includes

On 12/11/2010 7:58 AM, sheldonlg wrote:
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Thank you, Shelly, very helpful.

Bill B

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