Use of Distinct ?

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This is a PHP / MySQL kind of question. I am making a script which
simply pulls information from a database and displays it on screen. BUT
there will be entries where fields could be the same, and I want to
eliminate the duplicate entries when it displays it on screen.

I would use,

SELECT DISTINCT 'address1' FROM orders

....which does work, but only gives me one field. I also need to get a
few other fields such as name and address1. I cant think of a way to
eliminate the duplicates and still show all fields.

Does anyone know a way round this ?


Re: Use of Distinct ?

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First a disclaimer : I'm selftaught and there maybe better ways, but this is
the way I have done this.

You can run a series of SQL statements, first selecting the distinct field,
then selecting other records/fields with this distinct field.

But I am assuming that several fields are distinct, or at least the
combination of those fields is distinct.  If this is the case, I generally
use the concat function to pull distinct combinations.  I will usually also
put in a separator so that i can split afterwards

SELECT DISTINCT CONCAT(address1,"/",name,"/",phone) FROM orders;

then i can splilt the result on / into the appropriate variables.

perhaps at a SQL group you can get a more eloquent answer.


Re: Use of Distinct ?

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SELECT DISTINCT('address'),other,thing FROM orders
should work


Re: Use of Distinct ?

dammit ! lol, that last post did the trick

SELECT DISTINCT('address'),other,thing FROM orders

I ended up going with,

$result = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT address1 FROM orders WHERE
approved = '2'");
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {
        if(!isset($total)) { $total = ''; }
        $i = "0";
        $address = $row["address1"];

        $result2 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM orders WHERE address1 =
        while ($row2 = mysql_fetch_array($result2, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {
            $address1 = $row["address1"];
            $id = $row2["ID"];
            $ordertime = $row2["ordertime"];
            $title = $row2["title"];
            $name = $row2["name"];
            $price = $row2["price"];
            $total = $total+$price;

which now seems overly complex and time consuming ! i think i might
just change it.

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