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Can someone please tell me what URL rewriting is? I don't understand . . . a client is asking me to rewrite his URLs.

Re: URL Rewriting

go@thescriptsmailer.com wrote:
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Hi there,

What your client is probably referring to is Apache's mod_rewrite  
module.  It is often used to rewrite 'static' URLs to dynamic ones,  
which has several advantages; URLs are easier to remember, it makes  
pages more search engine friendly, and I personally like the ability to  
hide URL strings for security reasons.

Rewrite rules are generally written in an .htaccess file, see an example  

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^fake_directory/?$ index.php?id=2 [NC]

Though the address bar in the browser will show  
http://mydomain.com/fake_directory /, you really are serving  
http://mydomain.com/index.php?id=2 .

Something more dynamic (you can use regular expressions):

RewriteRule ^fake_directory/([a-zA-Z0-9]+)/?$ index.php?id=2&string=$1 [NC]

The above will rewrite  
http://mydomain.com/fake_directory // to  
http://mydomain.com/index.php?id=2&string =

I am sure someone more knowledgeable will be able to provide you with a  
better explanation - I have only just started learning it.  You could  
also search the web for 'mod_rewrite', there are quite a few good  
tutorials around.  I found  
http://www.workingwith.me.uk/articles/scripting/mod_rewrite/ quite  
helpful.  I must warn you - mod_rewrite is addictive ;-)

Good luck,


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Re: URL Rewriting

I'm confused.  I have set the following

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^alumni/?$ index.php?content=alumni

When I type www.site.com/alumni, it loads the index.php?content=alumni
But when I type www.site.com/alumni/ it looks in the real folder on the site  
for an index.php (and doesn't find one).  Plus, it sets all URLs in the page  
to be www.site.com/alumni/whatever.php

What am I doing wrong?



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Re: URL Rewriting

"feed_sheep" wrote:

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I *may* be mistaken, and I often am when it comes to RewriteRules, but I
think what is happening is that your request for "alumni/" is being
implicitly converted into a request for "alumni/index.php" by a
DirectoryIndex rule somewhere else.

So perhaps if you change your rule to...

RewriteRule ^alumni(/.*)?$ index.php?content=alumni

...then you might have more luck.

phil [dot] ronan @ virgin [dot] net

Re: URL Rewriting

go@thescriptsmailer.com wrote:
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Basically, it's when you send a request URL to a web server, and the  
server maps the URL to some other request, to give you a page (or other  
type of resource) that is at a different location.

This is useful, for example, when a page changes location, but you want  
people to be able to find it at the old location, in case they have  
bookmarks, or access it from a link on another site or search engine.

Also, you might want to allow people to use a simple URL, even if your  
PHP application requires a number of complex and ugly-looking parameters.

One might also use this method to redirect web surfers to mirrored  
copies of files on other servers.

The means to implement URL rewriting are various.  It seems like most  
often people use Apache's mod_redirect or mod_rewrite modules to do it.  
  There are numerous tutorials on these modules available, even from the  
Apache.org site.

But other people say that using mod_rewrite for any significant number  
of pages gets very complex and laborious to maintain.  I searched google  
for a couple of minutes but I didn't see a concise alternative proposed  
for PHP applications to do this in script code.

Bill K.

Re: URL Rewriting

More good option to use the url rewriting is  from search engine point
of view too.

Lets see the website has the category page that lists the webpage as
www.yourdomain.com/category.php?id=1 likewise many more lets say upto
Now search engine considers only one page
www.yourdomain.com/category.php as granted for submission but you can
use the url rewrite power using .htaccess file so that each category id
gets replaced with the catgory name lets say like
www.yourdomain.com/category/computer/ or
www.yourdomain.com/category/bags/ or
www.yourdomain.com/category/tshirts/ like that.


Re: URL Rewriting

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I'm not an expert, but when I wanted to give my users short uri instead
of domain.name.tld/index.php?pages=user&id=007 I made:

$person = $_GET['nick'];
if(isset($person)) {
  $query = "SELECT id FROM table WHERE nick='$person'";
  $result = mysql_query ($query) or die ("$query");
  list($id) = mysql_fetch_array($result);
  header("Location: index.php?pages=user&id=$id");

so users personal uri is like domain.name.tld/?nick=bond

if I need or want, I can change new location to anything more complex
(nothing cames to my mind right now)


Re: URL Rewriting

go@thescriptsmailer.com wrote:
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One more comment:  if the task isn't clear, you need to ask the client  
to be more specific.

Rewrite which URLs?  From what original URL to what replacement URL?  
For what purpose do the URLs need to be rewritten -- have pages moved  
location, or is it desired to have more human-readable URLs that  
correspond to request parameters (as in Hemant's reply above), or some  
other goal?

But I understand if you want to know more about URL rewriting before you  
go ask for clarification.  A number of useful articles come up if you go  
to www.google.com and search for "url rewriting php tutorial".

Bill K.

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