URI code between certain ranges?

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I have been looking on a job site that is quite limited in the search
options it allows.

It seems to be an asp site as it has a .aspx extension.

If I wanted to search for a salary between a certain range how do I do
it?  At the moment it only allows you to select a salary that is at
least a certain amount.

If I enter it as at least 22000 it shows in the URI after the .aspx
bit with all the other information like location etc.

This is the part for the salary:


I am not sure whether this is actual asp code or if it is some sort of
html code?

The trouble with this is that it returns salaries a lot higher than
you want to look for as well.

I would like to change it within the URI to search between 22000 and
28000. Is it possible to do this directly in the URI?

I have managed to change some of the keyword I search for in the URI
already as well as the range from my post code in miles that I want to
go up to.

I am not sure what I would put though for searching between a certain
salary range.

I am posting here because I couldn't really find any asp groups, and I
am not sure if this part is asp anyway.  And also a lot of PHPers are
fluent in Asp and Cf too.

Thanks for any help


Re: URI code between certain ranges?

The URL only includes variable names and their values.  What happens
behind the scenes is up to the application.  In other words, the
meaning of rate = 22000 is totally up to the code running server-side
that you can't see.  It sounds like, in this case, the application then
returns results where rate >= 22000.  But a different application might
use that to mean rate <= 22000.  Yet another application might ignore
the variable all together.

Without access to the ASP code, don't expect to be able to manipulate
the URL into doing something that it wasn't designed to do.

Re: URI code between certain ranges?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

This is just the way the query parameters being encoded in the URL.  There
is absolutely no way to tell how to get the script to handle situations
that aren't exploited by the web site, unless you have the source for the
web page itself.  This has nothing to do with PHP or ASP.  If the designer
has not anticipated handling a range, then you cannot ask it to do so.

Now, if the web site allows you to specify a range, then you can snapshot
the parameters and model your query after that.  If not, you are out of
- Tim Roberts, timr@probo.com
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