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Dear All, i have developed an application located on a server that has
a front end and a back end interface, the application uses session
object. when i log on as a backend user and a client user form the same

computer, the sessions conflict together and i get unexpected results,
and i found out that this happenes when one of the sessions ends. Ex:
when i log on as a backend user, and then as a front end one(from the
same computer at the same time), if i log out(destroy the session) as a

front end user the back end user no longer works because the session
variables are destroyed. Any Ideas how to fix that, or is there a
solution in the first place???  


Re: Urgent Help with Session

Meena wrote:
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Not a PHP problem, but how things work.  The session id is stored in a cookie,  
and obviously you can only have a one cookie with that name.

The solution is to use two different browsers - not two windows of the same browser.

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Re: Urgent Help with Session

On Thu, 04 May 2006 05:23:25 -0700, Meena wrote:

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One solution is to use different domain names for them.

for example, you could setup www.yourdomain.com to go to the frontend and
backend.yourdomain.com to go to the backend

For testing, you can simply map these domains in your HOSTS file
(/etc/hosts or c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts I think) and point
them to the ip of your development server.



Re: Urgent Help with Session

Meena wrote:
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   You can have different names for frontend and backend session  
variables: $_SESSION['fe_xxx'] and $_SESSION['be_xxx'].
   Using this solution, you must not destroy whole session, just unset  
needed session members, i.e. unset($_SESSION['fe_xxx']);

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