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I'm somewhat new to this whole MySQL/PHP thing and need a little help.

My web hosting service uses phpMyAdmin and at the bottom of the screen
iis an area where I can upload a text file to populate a table.

I have a table named groups with two fields:
    groups_id    auto-increment primary

So how do I create my text file to populate this table?

I'm going to use MS Notepad.

If it's set to auto-increment, do I need to include the number?  If
so, does it start at 0 (zero)?

Would the file look like:

2, staff

or just


(though I can't image that working).

Any help is appreciated.



Re: Uploading text files

Ward B wrote:

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Assuming you are using the link "Insert data from a text file into the  
table" from the SQL window, you can either do it either way.

By default it will expect both columns (in your first example).

Alternatively, you can put "groups_name" into the "Column names" field,  
and feed it your second example.  That way it will only expect you to  
provide the groups_name column, and it will auto-increment the first  
column for you.


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