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I am having a problem uploading on one system and not on another with very  
similar code in two different applications.  I suspect that it has to do  
with server settings.

Here is the code that works.  It is on a deicated server in a private  
company with the latest PHP installed.

if (isset($_POST['btnLgPict'])) {
   $target = <define the target>
   if (!copy ($_FILES['sourceLgPict']['tmp_name'], $target)) {
      $_SESSION['errors'] = "The large picture did not upload to " . $target  
. "<br>";
   } else {
      $_SESSION['errors'] = "The file was uploaded to " . $target . "<br>";

where the item is defined as:
<input name="sourceLgPict" type="file" class="style2" id="sourceLgPict"
                  value="Large Picture Location on Source" size="40">

Now, on GoDaddy, this next application code does not work, (but it worked  
when it was on ShieldHost), and gives empty values for the $_FILES  

if (isset($_POST['Add'])) {
   $tmp_photo = "tmp_photo/".$_SESSION['MM_Username']."_";
        //diagnostics for the next two lines
   echo "tmp_name = " . $_FILES['filename']['tmp_name'] . "<br>";
   echo "name = " . $tmp_photo . $_FILES['filename']['name'] . "<br>";
   $tmp_photo = "tmp_photo/".$_SESSION['MM_Username']."_";
   $status = copy ($_FILES['filename']['tmp_name'],  
   if (!status) {
      $_SESSION['MM_manageError'] = "The file " .  
$_FILES['filename']['tmp_name'] .
                    " was NOT uploaded <br>";

where the item is defined by:
<input name="filename" type="file" id="filename">

What happens is that the $_FILES['filename']['tmp_name'] and the  
$_FILES['filename']['name'] are both empty (the two echo lines are there for  
diagnostics and that is how I determined that the $_FILES variables were  

I don't have access to the ShieldHost any longer to see if it still works,  
or to see what the differences in the settings might be between that and the  
GoDaddy.  Both are Linux servers and the GoDaddy is running PHP 4.3.11.

Any ideas on where to look for a solution?  (Yes, I am going to submit this  
as a bug to GoDaddy).


Re: Uploading problem

Never mind.  Pilot error (as it always is!!!!).  I stupidly had an extra
form statement.  That one didn't have an enctype statement, while the other
one did.  When I removed that line, all went well.

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