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Hi all,

I have a situation where users need to upload a set of 5 files.  The  
file names are fixed, but the local source directory is not. (The  
destination folder varies between individuals.)

I cannot see the way to adapt the standard file uploading code to deal  
with this, so suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: uploading known files

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 PHP can't do this, since the selection is client-side.

 Neither is there anything in HTML or even Javascript that would do it.

 You'd need to run something else on the client side to do it (which would be
offtopic here) such as Java or Flash.

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Re: uploading known files

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why do you cary about local folder - file picker will appear and some1 can  
select files

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Re: uploading known files

Andrew Fenyo wrote:
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In addition to what Andy said about the code - you can get rid of all of  
your non-php code.  All you're doing is redirecting to another page; you  
don't need any output here.

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