Uploaded images displayed after a few minutes

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I have created a script for uploading photographs with size less than 50 KB.
Everything works fine, but the images are viewable after a not so long time, but  
not at once. I would like to have the photographs available just after  
successful upload. Can you tell me, maybe there is some way to do that? Is it a  
my hosting server fault?

Thank you in advance
Marcin from Poland  

Re: Uploaded images displayed after a few minutes

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Are you putting the image at a URL your browser has recently requested
- i.e. the most likely explanation is that the server is making the
file available immediately, but your browser has a file in its cache
with caching instructions.

Try iehttpheaders for MSIE or TamperData for Firefox to find out if
that's really what's going on.

Of course your ISP could be running some non-realtime filesystem
clustering solution (like a crontab'ed rsync) but you pay them money
for support.


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