Uploaded File - $_FILES['userfile']['name'] is modified

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Is there any way to prevent the $_FILES['userfile']['name'] from being
modified by PHP?  For instance, if somebody puts
"http://groups-beta.google.com/group/comp.lang.php " in the edit box for
an uploaded file, $_FILES['userfile']['name'] only contains
"comp.lang.php" and gets rid of the rest.  I realize that this is a
security measure but in my case I don't want it.

Re: Uploaded File - $_FILES['userfile']['name'] is modified

*** ralfthewise escribió/wrote (20 Mar 2005 11:55:47 -0800):
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$HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA doesn't work in my system so I can't tell you its exact
contents but you might be lucky with it. There's an option to activate it
in php.ini; see also http://natrak.net/node/view/260

In any case, make sure what you want to do really works. I've tried to
upload remote files with Mozilla 1.75 and Explorer 6 and none of them would
allow me.

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