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I have a PHP (version 5) site that allows uploading of files into our
Solaris server using Apache.  I currently allow the user to upload up
to 10 files at once.  If users upload files as big as 20 mb or more
slows the upload process down.  Should I just allow one file upload at
a time for better performance?  I was wondering how other PHP
developers handle this?

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No, it'll actually take **slightly** longer to transfer the files
seperately. However it might make error recovery more painless if you
force smaller chunks and by the sounds of things you may be reaching
the stage where timeouts become significant.


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francan escribió:
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The problem is the total upload size, not the number of files, and
that's very difficult to control from the server: using plain HTML
there's no way to tell the browser not to upload more than X MB.

Sites that do heavy uploading use client-side tricks that range from
JavaScript to Flash or even Java.

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Álvaro G. Vicario wrote:
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Don't let Jerry hear you saying that. He knows, because he is always
right, that there is nothing javascript , Flash or Java can do that cant
be done (better) with php.

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The Natural Philosopher wrote:
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NP you need to grow up or shut up.  We (this NG), does not need you
fouling up another thread with remarks that are aimed at causing
negative responses from another (Jerry).  If someone wants to post a
comment that you think is wrong, you have every option to reply, but to
pick another fight is flat out wrong and non-productive.  Take it to
E-Mail where we don't have to hear you, PLEASE!


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Scott Johnson wrote:
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Actually, I wasn't going to respond to his inane ranting, because it's
not what I've ever said.

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