updating form values without submit

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This seems very simple, but I'm not sure how to do it. Lets say that I
a form with two select boxes, call them Colours (red, orange, yellow)
and Items (contents depend on colour selected). If the colour is
changed from orange to yellow, I want the second select box to change
it's contents from "Oranges, etc" to "Bananas, etc" without the submit
button being pressed. How do I do this?

Re: updating form values without submit

Use javascipt events like onchange(), OnSelect () some thing like that..

Re: updating form values without submit

Ok, thanks.  I knew that it was possible to do these types of things,
but  had not found an example in any PHP book I have read.  Found this
website for anyone else interested.


Re: updating form values without submit

b wrote:
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You didn't find it in a PHP book because you can't do it in PHP.

PHP is server-side, while listbox selection is client-side.

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