Updating checkboxes / Checking what was checked

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I have a lot of check boxes.  This is an update of the check boxes, I
want something was checked, then to do an insert (which is currently
working), if something is no longer checked...delete the checkbox
join/link that is in the database.

So, the insert/checked is working, but the "unchecking" is not working.
 I don't know how to compare an array of what was not checked.

Here is my code:
if (is_array($_POST['commentsid'])) {

    foreach ($_POST['commentsid'] as $id) {

    ## Finding out if it was previously checked
    ## if not, insert the data

        ##checking if this $id is already in the database
    $query  = mysql_query("SELECT id_ministry FROM join_comments WHERE
id_ministry = '$id'")
        or die("Bad query: ".mysql_error());

    ## if it is not in the database, insert the id
         if (mysql_num_rows($query) == "0") {
        $insert =
            "INSERT INTO ".
            "join_comments (username, creation_stamp, id_people, id_ministry) ".
            "VALUES ('$_SESSION[valid_user]', '$datetime', '$_POST[id]',

            $mysql_insert = mysql_query($insert, $mysql_link)
                or die("Bad query: ".mysql_error());

        ### i don't think this needs to be here.  i think my delete needs to
be before everything
        } elseif ((mysql_num_rows($query) == "1") && ($id == )) {

            $deletequery = mysql_query("DELETE FROM join_comments WHERE
id_people = '$_POST[id]' AND id_ministry ='$id'")
                or die("Bad query: ".mysql_error());
        } else {
            print "Error";


I think I need to do my delete before everything.  He is an "english"
version of what I think needs to be done:

do a query selected all that is in the database
  compare what was checked this time against was is checked now
  if something is no longer checked {
     delete from database the ones that are not in the database now

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you for any help,

Re: Updating checkboxes / Checking what was checked

Aaron Reimann wrote:
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Euhm, security? I'd use an intval($id) or something to be sure it's not a

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You do know you don't HAVE to concate?
$insert = "INSERT INTO
    join_comments (username, creation_stamp, id_people, id_ministry)
    ('$_SESSION[valid_user]', '$datetime', '$_POST[id]','$id')";

Will work just fine, and saves some useless overhead.

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1. Create an array of available id's from you database (mysql_query(),
mysql_fetch_array() loop).
2. Make sure it's the same format as your $_POST array.
3. array_walk(array_name,'intval') to make sure you have all integers.
4. $to_be_deleted = array_dif($available_array,$post_array).
5. foreach($to_be_deleted) loop delete.

If I see your code now, I'd say that you might benifit from some protection
from SQL-injections. Loop up the subject on google, expacially
mysql_real_escape_string() etc.

Never, ever, trust userdata, not even when they're logged in, trusted

Rik Wasmus

Re: Updating checkboxes / Checking what was checked

Aaron Reimann wrote:
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I think you are falling over one of the AWFUL AWFUL features of HTML  
forms: an unchecked check-box is simply not returned at all.

If you know about specific boxes on your form, you can take the absence  
of a box-name in the arguments as 'unset' for that box. But if you are  
looping through a set of boxes, unset ones simply won't be there in your  
list at all.

You either need to keep a list of all the boxes you expect, so after you  
have seen the arguments from all the checked ones you know the rest are  
unchecked; or if it is not practical or convenient for the script to  
determine what boxes should have been on the page, you can output a  
hidden control with some known value for each box, and then loop through  
the hidden values seeing whether the value for the corresponding check  
box is present.


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