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I am a newcomer about linux ,I upgrade php from php 5.2.0 to php 5.2.10.

while I finished what i can do ,everything is ok,but no extension was

then I recompiled these extension, e.g. mysql.so, thank god,extensions come

what i want to know is that,I must compile all extension when I upgrade php?
I hope I can use old so files, I think that would be comfortable.

Re: update 5.2.10 question

Zhicheng Yu wrote:
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I've never compiled extensions when upgrading PHP - but then I use
Debian's package management system.  If you do it manually, then yes,
you will probably have to recompile extensions.

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Re: update 5.2.10 question

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Zhicheng Yu wrote:
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what extensions do you mean.

If you compile php you define which options (eg --with-mysql) are compiled in.

The other way around is then a problem. If you updated a dependency (eg. mysql)
then you hhave to recompile php)

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Re: update 5.2.10 question

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If you don't want to or can't use a package management system (like
Jerry suggested), for whatever reason, you might consider keeping a
shell script handy set up to run `configure' with the options you
want.  For help on that, see a Unix newsgroup.

See the PHP INSTALL file and run `./configure --help' for more
information about compiling with extensions.

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