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I have mysql database for internal computer evidence and I store IP as  
unsigned numeric value. It is very good for computing network ranges and  
so on. But PHP do not support unsigned integer. So when I store values  
to doatabase, I must convert it to string with sprintf. When reading it,  
I get a string value with 10-digit number, bigger than maxint. I need to  
convert it to signed int and work with it as a number (for making binary  
arithmetics). I have discovered no way how to do it. Intval() or (int)  
type conversion returns maxint. Converting it in mysql is anoying too,  
because mysql cant do signed 32-bit int  type conversion, only 64 bit.

Re: unsigned int

Marek Simon wrote:
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I've just found something.


Re: unsigned int

Marek Simon wrote:
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Have you considered using the php/nmysql build-in functions (available  
as of PHP 5.0):

inet_ntop() http://nl2.php.net/manual/en/function.inet-ntop.php
inet_pton() http://nl2.php.net/manual/en/function.inet-pton.php



Re: unsigned int

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I do not have PHP 5.0 (only 4.3) but I will try that mysql functions. I  
did those function on my own few days ago, a bunch of text parsing and  
binary shifting, not usable for writing it into each query.

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