Unset won't work?

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Hi group,

Why won't $new_var be unset in the following function?
Am i missing out something?

Greetings Frizzle.


    function DoThis( $state, $fst = 1, $scnd = 2)
       if( $state === 0 )
            global $new_var;
            global $new_var;
               return $new_var = $fst + $scnd;

    echo DoThis( 1, 4, 8);
    echo DoThis( 0 );
    echo 'new_var= '.$new_var;

Re: Unset won't work?

frizzle wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

   - global $new_var;
   - unset($new_var);
   + unset($GLOBAL['new_var'];

   See the docs for details (www.php.net/unset)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

   Note: you don't need ; after the curly braces.  And you should  
probably also initialize the $new_var before DoThis();

   Anyway, IMHO, unsetting global variables within functions is a sure  
way of shooting yourself in the foot.  BTW, because you actually unset  
the variable the last line will throw a notice about undef variable.


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