Unit testing in PHP.

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I was googling for a unit testing framework for php. I stumbled upon 3,
all are named PHPUnit.

 1) http://phpunit.sourceforge.net /
 2) http://pear.php.net/package/PHPUnit /
 3) http://pear.php.net/package/PHPUnit2 /

I am confused. Can anybody help me out and tell me what is happening
and clear the confusion.

Please share your experiences with a other unit testing frameworks for


Re: Unit testing in PHP.

mirnazim@gmail.com wrote:

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Another one to add to the list: simpleTest.

Personally I think PEAR is a bot of a lifestyle choice, and very heavy in
some departments. [ /me dons flameproof suit ]

Of course if you're already a born-again PEAR programmer, then maybe the
PEAR tools make more sense.

Certainly phpUnit does the job for me, although I also use Rephlux - one of
these days I'll try to work out how I can just use one or the other.



Re: Unit testing in PHP.

Yes but there are two packages in PEAR too
1) PHPUnit
2) PHPUnit2

which one are you talking about.

Re: Unit testing in PHP.

Colin McKinnon schrieb:
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1) is old (2002) and obviously no longer maintained. It could even be a
predecessor of 2) and 3).

2) and 3) are two versions of PHPUnit from the same team. PHPUnit still
runs under PHP4 and PHPUnit2 requires PHP5. PHP5 made it possible that
PHPUnit2 implements the whole functionality of the recent JUnit versions.

Hope that helps.


Re: Unit testing in PHP.

thanks Olive.

Can you point me to some online tutorial of PHPUnit and PHPUnit2

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