unexpected $ (about 70 lines)

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I get this error:
Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in [file] on line 63
Where [file] is the path and filename for a file containing:
function cityname($style="10engdir eng 50engloc"){//creates name for city
    return 'a city';
function powercentres($pop){//determines power centres for a city
    return array(1=>array('name'=>'pc1','align'=>'true  
            $pcs[1]=array('align'=>'lawful good');
            $pcs[1]=array('align'=>'neutral good');
            $pcs[1]=array('align'=>'chaotic good');
            $pcs[1]=array('align'=>'lawful neutral');
            $pcs[1]=array('align'=>'true neutral');
            $pcs[1]=array('align'=>'chaotic neutral');
            $pcs[1]=array('align'=>'lawful evil');
            $pcs[1]=array('align'=>'neutral evil');
            $pcs[1]=array('align'=>'chaotic evil');
function npc($pop){//creates NPC population of city
function sherrif($npcs){//chooses the sherrif
    return 1;
function makecity($pop){//creates stats for 1 city
        'urbanarea'=>($pop/38850),//38,850 people per square mile
        'supportarea'=>($pop/180),//1 square mile can support 180 people
        'fulltimeLEO'=>floor($pop/100),//1 LEO per 100 people (DMG)
        'conscriptable'=>floor($pop/20)//1 conscriptable individual per 20 pop  

I know that some of the functions are returning before they do anything  
(I'm going bugeyed and want to make sure the overall works).  What's  
this error from?

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Re: unexpected $ (about 70 lines)

RenTechie wrote:
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Check your nesting, opening and closing {}, I don't think they're right.
Maybe it's disappeared in posting, but you function powercentres() doesn't
seems to close here.

Also, think about switch statements instead of elseif's.

    if(rand(1,20)==1){ // do you have a particular use for a new rand()?
    // you don't do anything here

Reads as: $pcs[1]['type'] is 'conventional' is $roll < 14, if $roll is > 14
AND a new rand(1,20)==1, $pcs[1]['type'] doesn't get set at all!

Also: all the code in your powercentres() function doesn't get executed, as
the first thing you do is returning a statical array.

Proper tools for coding (syntax highlighting) and indenting code could have
told you a lot.

It's not pretty, no it sure ain't.
Rik Wasmus

Re: unexpected $ (about 70 lines)

Rik wrote:
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It was a couple of unclosed blocks right where you pointed.  I wanted to  
test the bigger function, and was returning static results to make sure  
that the structure came through.  The bad indentations were because I  
went back and was adding stuff and decided to test.

Thanks for the help,

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