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Re: unexpected }

Jim Michaels schrieb:
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I tried a lot but in the end you had to find it yourself. Sorry, but I
couldn't make the database calls for you without a copy of the database.


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Re: unexpected }

Jim Michaels wrote:
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Should be OK, as long as your $_SESSION elements are OK.  I suspect  
something else is wrong and this is just leading you astray. Look at the  
code preceding this statement.

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Re: unexpected }

Oliver Grätz wrote:
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I renamed it.  I also added more commented-out code.


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Re: unexpected }

On Tue, 20 Nov 2007 06:26:15 +0100, Jim Michaels  

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Guess what? We do need the lines to see...

(And thanks for the correct sig seperator BTW :) )
Rik Wasmus

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