two dimensional arrays

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In Liberty BASIC, I would write a two dimensional array as a$(1,1).
And could have a$(1,1)=("a","b","c")
To help you understand, a$(ItemNumber-row,Value-column).
Where ItemNumber is any given number beginning at 0 up to the assigned end
number, such as 100.
"Value" will also be a defined range beginning at 0.
So I could have 10 rows with 100 columns.

In retrieving the value "b" in the example, there are a couple of ways I
could do this easily.

I am beginning to work on a project that will be a test.
My idea is to have a fixed table appear. Upon page load, the first question
appears along with answer choices. When the user clicks a button to answer,
the response is shown on the last table row.

Then the user clicks next. This current form is cleared and the next
question is shown.

This is based upon the flash version shown here:
Click any of the three buttons shown to begin the test.

How can I best set up the array to handle this monster?

Re: two dimensional arrays

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The example you give is a flash applet.
Flash applets play/run on the clients computer.

PHP runs on the server, and as soon as it finishes your page/script,
it sends the output to you, and then disconnects.

You can not make that example in PHP, at least not without jumping
many hoops.

It is exactly one of those things I would NOT do in PHP.

You need a new project for a test. :(


Re: two dimensional arrays

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Re: two dimensional arrays

Jason Bugler wrote:
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Which has absolutely nothing to do with the op's question.  Richard is
correct in his answer.

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