Two complaints about phpBB

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About a year ago I obtained a username in the forums at in order to discuss a peeve about
phpBB - it's search function.

I posted a forum entry questioning the value of the two
search context choices: "Search message text only"
and "Search topic title and message text". Is this
not brain dead?

I used the example of the very topic of the "search"
function itself as an example of how it is almost
impossible to locate a previous discussion on because
the word 'search' occurs in many discussions and that
it would be far more useful to have the search context
choices be "Topic title only" and "Search topic title and
message text" - that way I could look in the Topic
Titles Only for the word 'search' and *not* occurances
of the word 'search' in all sorts of other topic texts.

Well, that was complaint #1 and it appears that nothing
has changed in its search functionality based on forums
that I have visited that are running phpBB.

Complaint #2 is now birthed by my attempt to get back into
their forums to see what was discussed on my posted
topic on the search function! Doing a search
by author should help me dig out my prior posting, right?

I could not find my original email from becoming a forum
member, so I figured I would just go to the forum signin page
and click on the little "I forgot my password" link. When I
do that and I'm asked for two required fields: "Your
Username" and "Your email address". Well geez, I know my
email address but have forgotten my username, so how in
the (*&@#$*(@# can I get my info to login again without
asking for sysadmin intervention! Catch-22 royale!!

I'm sure most people wouldn't consider the above two
problems as I've outlined as negatives, but as a veteran
forums/usenet search freak and sysadmin-type person I
find both of them very frustrating!

I'm nearly convinced that paying for a forum like / (which has neither of the
above 2 problems, BTW - vBulletin search function allows
"topic title only" searches and if you lose your login
info all you need to provide is your email address) is
preferable than the frustration that I have with phpBB.

Anyone else feel that these are limitations/faults in phpBB?

Re: Two complaints about phpBB (Lee Roth) wrote in message
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   phpBB allows you to customize their software. So, why can't you do
that or rent a programmer to do that?

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Re: Two complaints about phpBB (R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah) wrote in message
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I searched through their forums (using the deficient search function)
and managed to find some homebrew patch/workarounds to add the "Search
Topic Titles Only".

I'll post the links to those workaround(s) when I'm back at my other

Re: Two complaints about phpBB (Lee Roth) wrote in message
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   Glad to know that.

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