trying to combine a print stmt

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Thanks ahead for your help

I'm trying to learn what I can do with echo and print statements.  I
figured out the echo statement and below is the simple version using
print. I've tried two dozen or more single print statements, first
start with the first part then adding additional phrases, then looking
at the page source code, but I'm missing something simple,(isn't that
always the way) What I'm trying to understand is how, if it's possible,
to combine the three statements into one  print statement.  If this
isn't possible will printf work?

print("<a href=\"login.php?");
     print("&whichpage=$i\">login link $i</a>");


Re: trying to combine a print stmt

mmccaws wrote:
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Here are some options:

1. Use concatenation operator:

   print "<a href=\"login.php?" . session_id() .
        "&whichpage=$i\">login link $i</a>";

2. List multiple arguments (won't work with print though,
   only with echo):

   echo "<a href=\"login.php?", session_id(),
       "&whichpage=$i\">login link $i</a>";

3. Combine multiple strings into one before output:

   $sid = session_id();
   print "<a href=\"login.php?$sid&whichpage=$i\">login link $i</a>";


Re: trying to combine a print stmt

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Yes, you can combine print statements using the concatenation operator (the
period). For example,

print '<a href="login.php?' . session_id() . "&whichpage=$i\">login link $i

Basically, you just take the items you're printing on each individual print
statement, and string them all together with periods on a single line.
Another tip from the code above, in the first section of the print
statement. If you're printing out a string that contains question marks but
no variables and no single-quotes, you can surround the string in single-
quotes and avoid the need to escape the quotation mark.



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Re: trying to combine a print stmt


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HTML also allows single quotes around attribute values.

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This has to be &amp; in order to be valid HTML.


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