Trouble with APC - caches only one file at a time

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I'm about to start development on a new project in PHP, which I've
never used before.  I got the latest version (5.1.4) installed and
running on my dev/test server, and I tried enabling APC since I'm
definitely going to want to use opcode caching.  The apc.php script
runs and indicates that it's caching, but only one file at a time.
Each time I request a different file there's a cache miss, then if I
refresh the browser a few times it gets it from the cache.  There's
always only one file in the cache.  I can tell it's doing this by
making differently named copies of the apc.php script and requesting
them alternately with refreshes from a browser and looking at the
results, and also by requesting other php files a few times in a row
and seeing the effect on the hits and misses afterward.  I can't
imagine that this is the normal behavior, caching only one file at a
time when there's 30MB of cache space available.

I'm running Windows Server 2003 & IIS6 in ISAPI mode, and three 0 byte
apc lock files are being created in the C:\Windows\Temp folder, whether
I add IUSR_* permissions or not.  Should it be writing compiled opcode
versions of the php files somewhere, as well as caching them in memory?
 It's the only extension I have explicitly enabled in php.ini so far,
does it depend on something non-standard to work properly?

A simple test script that dumps phpinfo() seems to indicate things are
normal and APC is enabled properly, but I'm so new to PHP that I could
easily be missing something.

- Dave

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