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Re: Tricks to help prevent site ripping

How hard is to to just keep checking the innerHTML property until
something appears?

Re: Tricks to help prevent site ripping

ChronoFish ( wrote:
: Yes - and it's almost 100% and fairly easy to implement:


: Each page is made up nothing but an AJAX loader.  Doing view source,
: save page, etc will view/save the AJAX loader.

: The AJAX loader simply makes requests (one or many) to your PHP code.
: By requiring your AJAX loader to request the page in a relatively short
: period of time (i.e. 1 second) the URL that AJAX asks for is only valid
: for the "short period of time"
:  (for instance
:  where ts
: is a unix timestmp and key is a MD5 encrypted timestamp+magic word.

: This will allow users to copy/paste your CONTENT but not your HTML (and
: of course your PHP is safe as long as you are not distributing it and
: as long you don't have a server breach).

Methods such as this do nothing to stop a person who has a desire to steal  
your html.

A trivial proxy will allow a programmer to save all your html no matter  
what little inconveniences you put in the way.

The typical result of things like the above is simply to inconvenience
regular people when something unexpected happens, such as (in this
example) a slow connection perhaps.

Some people have suggested JavaScript to hide urls.  Again, they can
inconvenience a regular user (e.g. preventing them from bookmarking some
pages) but do nothing to a programmer who decides to "rip" your site.


This space not for rent.

Re: Tricks to help prevent site ripping

Malcolm Dew-Jones wrote:


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If the browser can display the HTML needed, so can a skilled programmer.
That is the bottomline for ALL tricks presented here.

That is why I think creating a few hurdles is not worth the trouble.
It costs you a lot of time, it will surely not stop a serious skilled ripper  
longer than a few minutes, and you might accidently hurt normal visitors  
too with all these 'smart tricks'.

If you content is so precious, don't publish it.
Or simply copyright it, and send a lawyer their way if they rip it.

Erwin Moller

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Re: Tricks to help prevent site ripping

This is not 100% foolproof, but if you don't give anyone on the
internet access to your content, then the only way they could get to it
would be to break into your house and steal it.  :)

Re: Tricks to help prevent site ripping

cameron7 wrote:

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A smarter foolproofing would be to not create the content, but  
keep the ideas in your head.  However, this would not prevent  
somebody getting at it by breaking into your house and  
performing the Vulcan mind meld on you.  The safest way, as  
far as I can see, is to not think of any content at all.


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